GTG 2012 Ride - Boston to San Francisco

Route Map

The 4,000 mile route for the 2012 ride begins in Boston, Massachussets and ends in San Francisco California. The route was chosen so the riders could attend a June 9th event at the Kellogg Eye Center at the University of Michigan as well as visit as many significant parks and landmarks as possible. Noteworthy stops include Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, Crazy Horse, and Yosemite.

Date Start End Distance (miles)
26-May Boston, MA Oakham, MA 64.3
27-May Oakham, MA South Deerfield, MA 54.9
28-May South Deerfield, MA Albany, NY 72.4
29-May Albany, NY Little Falls, NY 75.8
30-May Little Falls, NY Syracuse, NY 77.8
31-May Syracuse, NY Irondequoit, NY 77.6
1-Jun Irondequoit, NY Niagra Falls, NY 95.5
2-Jun Off day Off day Off day
3-Jun Niagra Falls, NY Dunkirk, NY 67.6
4-Jun Dunkirk, NY East Springfield, PA 68.4
5-Jun East Springfield, PA Sandusky, OH 67.6
6-Jun Sandusky, OH Toledo, OH 71.1
8-Jun Toledo, OH Ann Arbour, MI 50.3
9-Jun Off day Off day Off day
10-Jun Ann Arbour, MI Hillsdale, MI 65.4
11-Jun Hillsdale, MI Elkhart, IN 77.4
12-Jun Elkhart, IN Porter, IN 70.1
13-Jun Porter, IN Chicago, IL 52.8
14-Jun Chicago, IL Waukegan, IL 41.4
15-Jun Waukegan, IL Milwaukee, WI 52.3
16-Jun Milwaukee, WI Madison WI 85.1
17-Jun Off day Off day Off day
18-Jun Madison WI Richland Center, WI 70.1
19-Jun Richland Center, WI Onalaska, WI 67.2
20-Jun Onalaska, WI Wabasha, WI 78.5
21-Jun Wabasha, WI St. Paul, MN 72
22-Jun Off day Off day Off day
23-Jun St. Paul, MN Cosmos, MN 78.3
24-Jun Cosmos, MN Dawson, MN 69.7
25-Jun Dawson, MN Clark, SD 90
26-Jun Clark, SD Miller, SD 86.9
27-Jun Miller, SD Pierre, SD 77.5
28-Jun Pierre, SD Murdo, SD 63.4
30-Jun Murdo, SD Interior, SD 67.9
1-Jul Interior, SD Rapid City, SD 72.3
2-Jul Off day Off day Off day
3-Jul Rapid City, SD Hill City, SD 26.9
4-Jul Hill City, SD Newcastle, WY 72.1
5-Jul Newcastle, WY Wright, WY 66.6
6-Jul Wright, WY Kaycee, WY 81.8
7-Jul Kaycee, WY Ten Sleep, WY 81.6
8-Jul Off day Off day Off day
9-Jul Ten Sleep, WY Greybull, WY 55.5
10-Jul Greybull, WY Cody, WY 45.3
11-Jul Cody, WY Yellowstone NP, WY 80.1
11-Jul Off day Off day Off day
12-Jul Yellowstone NP, WY Grand Teton National Park, WY 34.2
13-Jul Grand Teton National Park, WY Jackson, WY 77.7
14-Jul Jackson, WY Alta, WY 68.6
15-Jul Alta, WY Idaho Falls, ID 74.4
15-Jul Idaho Falls, ID American Falls, ID 74.4
16-Jul American Falls, ID Twin Falls, ID 90.7
17-Jul Off day Off day Off day
18-Jul Twin Falls, ID Wells, NV 119
19-Jul Wells, NV Ely, NV 77.8
17-Jul Off day Off day Off day
20-Jul Ely, NV Tonopah, NV 121
22-Jul Tonopah, NV Lee Vining, CA 68.7
23-Jul Lee Vining, CA Yosemite NP, CA 56.3
17-Jul Off day Off day Off day
24-Jul Yosemite NP, CA Turlock, CA 59.8
25-Jul Turlock, CA Pleasanton, CA 43.9
27-Jul Pleasanton, CA Berkeley, CA
17-Jul Off day Off day Off day
17-Jul Off day Off day Off day
29-Jul Berkeley, CA San Fransisco, CA