Michaela Cui

The need for awareness about Graves' Disease is great. Millions of people are coping with the symptoms of Graves' daily. Many more have no idea that they have the disease. Those of you suffering from this disease are not alone and I hope that our efforts will bring about awareness and positive change for those afflicted with Graves' disease. This site is a place to find answers, hope and the inspiration to do something that truly makes you feel Greater Than Graves!

-Michaela Cui, Greater than Graves' Founder

Greater than Graves' - Awareness through Action

Greater than Graves' is an initiative to spread awareness of Graves' Disease and other thyroid conditions and to inspire others to push themselves onward to achieve their goals.

The idea began in 2010, when Michaela Cui's diagnosis with Graves' disease forced her to put many of her activities on hold while undergoing treatment. Feeling alone and uncertain about the future, Michaela decided to take action and focus her energies on building awareness and understanding of the disease. She organized and participated in the first Greater Than Graves' event, a 3,000 mile bike ride from Anchorage, Alaska to San Franscisco, California in the summer of 2011.

This summer, Elias McQuade, David Britton, and Keating Tufts are continuing the Greater than Graves' mission with a 4000 mile ride from Boston to San Francisco. This new team was motivated to start a second Greater than Graves' challenge after Elias' sister Molly's was diagnosed with Graves'. Elias, David, and Keating are now working hard to raise awareness and funds for the Graves' Disease and Thyroid Foundation as they pedal their way across the country.

The 2012 riders plan to reach San Francisco on July 31, but the Greater than Graves' mission will continue on. The Graves' and Thyroid Disease Foundation plans to expand the initiative to include sports and activities of all sorts, with all those affected by Graves' or other thyroid conditions encouraged to join in.